Regional Anesthesia Consultants LLC

We bring the training to you!

Our goal is to deliver high-quality education and training to participating hospitals and anesthesia practices in regional anesthesia, acute pain management and chronic pain management that currently can only be obtained through specific fellowships, attendance at multiple CME courses, self-directed learning and endless hours of travel time. Our training and education take place at YOUR hospital or affiliated surgical centers. This specialized training is geared toward (but not limited to) anesthesiologists, orthopedic surgeons, nursing staff, physical therapists and billing departments. Not only will our training jump-start your learning process regarding to regional anesthesia, acute pain management, and early physical therapy, but since you don't have to travel to the training, you won't have to waste days of work just to get training.

On-Site Education

You are able to actually perform specific techniques with the educational observation of a highly experienced, well-trained, and highly-regarded regional anesthesiologist. The group will learn specific ultrasound guided regional techniques, obtain guidance in acute pain management, and get direction in setting up an acute pain service. Issues regarding orthopedics, chronic pain management, physical therapy and billing can also be addressed. The educational observation and direct lessons can be delivered over the course of one and one-half working days at the participating hospitals. Further education is offered on a group-by-group basis.

Top Instructors

The educational staff have all trained in Anesthesiology at Duke University, and have completed regional fellowships at Duke University, as well. Each staff member is also board certified by the American Board of Anesthesiologists. The members currently practice in three different private practices across the country and are involved in either MD-only practices or supervision-type practices. The education obtained with this on-site observation will far surpass any education obtained at a CME course because you will be able to practice the techniques on your time and in your own hospital. CME credit can be obtained as well through your hospital. If interested in CME credit, make sure to discuss this when making an appointment.


The education observation and education will occur during the weekdays. A typical program may include an evening lecture and open discussion, followed the next day by direct patient observation, open discussion and education of other ancillary staff such as nurses, physical therapists and billing departments.

Our Contributors:

Jessen Mukalel M.D.

Jessen Mukalel M.D. is Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology at University of Texas Medical School in Houston and is Regional Anesthesia & Acute Pain Fellowship Director. He has delivered numerous lectures on Regional Anesthesiology for ASRA, ASA, and has conducted workshops on the topic.

Dr. Jeff Gonzales

Dr. Jeff Gonzales is Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology at Duke University Medical Center and also served as Director of Anesthesia at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital Chicago. He has served as a Clinical Instructor in Anesthesiology at Northwestern University and completed his Residency and Fellowship at Duke University Medical Center. He has delivered numerous lectures on Regional Anesthesiology for ASRA, ASA, and has conducted workshops on the topic.

Dr. Dickson Wu

Dr. Dickson Wu , Anesthesiologist with the NorthShore University Health System in Skokie, Illinois, has served on the faculty of Rush University Medical Center, and has served as the Director of Regional Anesthesia for NorthShore University Medical Center. He has lectured on Ultrasound Guided Nerve Blocks since 2006, and is a thought leader on Ultrasound Guided Nerve Blocks.

Dr. John Mrachek

Dr. John Mrachek has certification and Diplomate status from the American Board of Anesthesiology. After receiving his M.D. from the University of Minnesota, Dr. Mrachek interned at Hennepin County Medical Center, then completed a residency in Clinical Anesthesiology at the University of Minnesota. In his distinguished career, he has served as the Medical School Admissions Committee Interviewer, Chief Resident of the Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Minnesota, and chaired the Search Committee for the Department. Currently with Northwest Anesthesia, P.A., at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, Dr. Mrachek has taught at the University of Minnesota Medical School, St. John's University and The College of St. Benedict's (Minn.), and has presented at the Society of Thoracic Surgeons and the Mayo Clinic. He serves as a consultant to Medtronic, Inc., and EV3, Inc.

Dr. Brandon Winchester

Dr. Brandon Winchester is Regional Anesthesia Fellowship Director at the Andrews Research and Education institute in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Dr. Winchister also served as Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology at Duke University Medical Center where he specialized in Ultrasound-Guided Nerve Blocks. He is Co-Founder and Vice President of Operations for DOCSTREAM Inc., a company whose mission is to deliver high definition live and on-demand multi-media medical education on the web. He has lectured on numerous occasions on Ultrasound Guided Nerve Blocks.

Gregory Hickman MD

Gregory Hickman MD Completed his residency at the University of Alabama Birmingham and now he is the Medical and Anesthesia Director at the Andrews Insitute. He has lectured on numerous occasion on Ultrasound Guided Continuous Nerve Blocks and is well known as a thought leader.

Mitchell Fingerman M.D.

Mitchell Fingerman M.D. received his Medical Degree from University of Connecticut School of Medicine, and completed his Anesthesia Residency at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri, he then completed a Fellowship in Ambulatory/Regional Anesthesia at Duke University Medical Center Durham, NC.